Jared Richard    Vocals, Guitars
Paul Cingolani    Bass guitar
Andrew Bailey    Drums

Audiobender is an American rock band formed in San Jose in 2012. Founded by singer/guitarist Jared Richard, he soon brought in longtime friends and former The Infinite Why bandmates Paul Cingolani (bass guitar) and Jeff Lemas (drums), and the trio released two critically-acclaimed studio albums, Reverb and Pour Me an Encore, as well as a live album, Live at the Whisky. In late 2023, the band emerged from hiatus revitalized, with long-time Strata drummer Andrew Bailey taking over behind the kit.

For well over a decade, Audiobender has been compared to rock legends past and present, garnered national praise, and has amassed a small yet devoted fan base.

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"Their inaugural release, Reverb, pits singer/guitarist Jared Richard, bassist Paul Cingolani and drummer Jeff Lemas against a world of tepid alt-rock with a solution that draws a line in the sand between the mediocre and the great. One listen places Audiobender on the righteous side of the struggle... [Audiobender] invites you to come along for the ride, pitching out increasingly addictive riffs, hard-hitting solos, and a guide to some of rock's greatest musical moments."
Christopher Millard, San Francisco Examiner

"Live at the Whisky captures the rarefied air of a band at the height of their powers, dripping with passion and bristling with chops, at Hollywood's legendary Whiskey A Go Go night club."
Jason Simpson, TheDrainage.net

"Their music style is essentially alternative rock, with a healthy dose of blues thrown in, somewhere between Jet and The White Stripes, with Jared Richard's expressive lead vocals sometimes bringing to mind Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant."
Alex Faulkner, The Faulkner Review

"There's a ton of skill here in this band and for a three-piece they're absolutely lighting up this album with all the audio-bending dynamics your ears could possibly want to hear. This amped up ending is the perfect punched-up performance to end off this album in the most memorable way they could."
Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios

"Audiobender has a bright and energetic sound" "...songs that run the gambit of styles and form a voice to be heard. Reverb is a definitive collection of high energy riffs and tight rhythm and percussion, every song from “Alright With Me” to “Say Goodnight” are pulsing with the good stuff."
Joseph Timmons, Xombiewoof Magazine

"It is details like this that make you revisit Reverb over and over -- they snare you, and keep you. Some people shout in your face, and demand your attention, which you never want to give. Others invite. Audiobender are like a warm campfire on a dark night. Or a warm garage, complete with friends and refreshments, to get out of the cold. So don't believe the hype. Go looking for quality for yourself, and applaud it when you find it."
J.Simpson, The Drainage

"All in all, Audiobender displays a live proficiency suited for the occasion. The new material points to an evolution of the San Jose act's sound, conjuring a hard[er] edge."
Christopher Millard, San Francisco Examiner

"The talent is showed off early on 'Alright With Me' with impressive drumming and guitar fills getting the crowd pumped. The pure rock and roll groove is strong on "MFH (Here Comes That Girl)" with its pumping beat and soaring vocals."
Keith Pro, IndieBandGuru.com